New items for July and change of address

A quick interim update from Rumney Models before the next major set of releases in September.

Firstly a couple of new items in the form of Express Dairy milk tank plates in both 4mm and 7mm scales. These include both the company plate and the distinctive round number plate that was attached to the baulks at the tank ends. The numbers were Express Dairy’s own fleet numbers and were generally grouped according to who built the milk tank. If you want something specific then please inquire or else you will get a random number picked from the box they are in. The plates are etched on 0.1mm stainless steel and nicely complement the United Dairies/Unigate plates released last year.

ED 4mm Plate

ED Plate 7mm

Secondly Rumney Models is moving house. The new address for all postal correspondence is as follows:

3 Warren Terrace
NP25 4PH

The house move will mean that I won’t be able to process any orders from now until the week commencing the 17th. Please bear this in mind. I will be able to respond to emails during this period though there may be some delay in doing so.

Also a reminder that Rumney Models will be at Larkrail on the 15th July. I look forward to seeing some of you there.

New Items for March

With Scalefour North looming large Rumney Models is pleased to announce another round of new releases. Below is a round up of the new items. As per usual instructions for certain items are currently being prepared. One day I’ll have them all done before release time comes around but not this year. So to the exciting stuff…

First up are some more additions to my range of whitemetal wagon axlebox and spring castings. Once again they have been produced from the highest quality masters printed for me by Alan Butler at Modelu. The new types cover BR brake van springs along with 7 leaf springs and heavy duty axleboxes for 20/21T wagons. The BR brake van springs are available with BR 2 part, BR Platefront, roller bearing and LNER welded axleboxes. These are also suitable for late build LNER brake vans. The 7 leaf springs come with BR 2 part, BR 2 part square, welded with horizontal lugs, welded with vertical lugs and RCH 2 part axleboxes. The axleboxes on the 7 leaf springs are based correctly on 10” x 5” journal prototypes. In all cases the axleboxes comes attached to the springs for ease of fitting and are slotted on the back for use with sprung suspension systems. The price is £2.50 for a set of four axleboxes and springs.

BR brake van

21T hopper mineral plate wagon

The next couple of releases mark a foray into the wonderful world of oil tank wagons. There is a new completely open underframe for the Bachmann anchor mount tank wagons (B.71 – £15) which also includes a choice of ladders and an etched valve wheel for detailing the body. This is specifically a 14T underframe with BR axleguards and includes everything you would expect from a Rumney Models release. For those who feel like tarting up the Bachmann anchor mount tank without going to the extent of replacing the underframe there is a detailing kit (B.106 – £4) which includes ladders and valve wheel along with brake levers and lever guards. The detailing kit is sufficient for 2 wagons. Note that you do not need the detailing etch if you buy the underframe and it is my intention to do something similar for earlier cradle and saddle mounted tank wagons in the near future.

Bachmann tank wagon

There is also a new underframe for the BR built 13T china clay opens (B.30 – £10). These are intended for the Ratio kit but will also suit the Bachmann body. To complement the underframe and make fettling the ratio body easier there are replacement end stanchions (B.107 – £3). This will provide sufficient stanchions for 6 wagons.

There are a couple of other small detailing etches. These cover BR built Shocopens (B.104 – £2) which includes capping and strapping strips along with label boards and lamp irons and the Ratio LMS van (B.105 – £1) which provides the diagonal strapping found on these wagons in BR days along with label boards and lamp irons.

There is also a general wagon detailing fret (B.108 – £3). This has been made available due to several requests and includes all the little detailing parts that can be found on Rumney Models underframes such as number plates, lamp irons, swan neck vacuum pipe brackets and label boards for adding to RTR and kit wagons. There are enough parts to cover 3 or 4 wagons on the fret. Note that you do not need this fret if you are building wagons with Rumney Models underframes as the parts are already included.

Lastly are some new items in 7mm scale. My BR tarpaulin bar fret (OB.92 – £7) has been reworked for the larger scale. As per the 4mm version there are sufficient parts for two wagons and both early and late types are covered. A pair of etched Grampus baskets (OB.109 – £9) is available to replace those in the Parkside kit. These will be coming in 4mm in due course. Also there is a detailing fret for wagons fitted with RCH 12’ lifting link brakegear (OB.110 – £12). This includes replacement brakegear, vees, brake levers and lever guards as well as items such as 21T hopper door handles and end steps along with 21T mineral wagon door springs. It is intended to detail the Parkside BR 21T hopper and Grampus kits but can be used on others. Finally a detailing etch covering vacuum brakegear parts for BR 21T hoppers (OB.111 – £2). This provides items such as vees for the vacuum cylinder cross shaft and links as well as vacuum cylinder brackets for turning the Parkside 21T welded hopper into a vacuum braked example.

I look forward to catching up some of you in Wakefield next weekend.

Happy New Year!

A belated happy new year to all from Rumney Models!

Anchor Mount Progress 2

2017 will bring a host of exciting new items including more wagon axlebox and spring castings, plate freight bogie kits and anchor mount tank wagon underframes and detailing to suit the recntly released Bachmann model.

Rumney Models will be out and about at the following events over the coming months in 2017:

I look forward to catching up with some of you at these events.

Wishing you all the best for the coming year. Happy modelling!


Early arrival in Bristol

On 7th October Theadora Persephone Gaby Russell-Newitt entered the world some 11 weeks and 2 days prematurely. Despite this early arrival and her lack of size she is doing great as is her mother.


Thea’s unexpected arrival has obviously been a bit of a shock and we are doing everything we can to support her while she is in hospital. Rumney Models is still open for bussiness but please be aware that any emails sent or orders placed during this time may take a little longer to deal with than usual.

I am also aware that there are currently several outstanding orders from Scaleforum for items I was out of stock of. For those who ordered only etches these have arrived, have been processed and will get sent out on Monday. I am still awaiting the delivery of the castings. As soon as they have arrived I will of course get the remaining orders sent out as well.


New Items for September


Rumney Models is delighted to announce a bumper crop of new releases!

First up is exciting news about a new range of whitemetal wagon axlebox and spring castings for BR era prototypes. They have been produced from the highest quality masters printed for me by Alan Butler at Modelu. The first wave of releases contains 6 different types of axleboxes with both oil and roller bearings types and six types of springs. There are four types of oil axlebox, all for 12/16T prototypes all of which are available with either 5, 6 or LMS 7 leaf J hanger springs. The axleboxes come attached to the springs for ease of fitting and are already slotted for use with sprung suspension systems. There are hooded and non-hooded types of roller bearing that are available with 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 leaf springs. The price is £2.50 for a set of four axleboxes and springs. Further information including product codes can be found on the wagon castings page.


To complete the castings part of the new releases whitemetal vacuum cylinder castings are also available. These have been produced from masters made for me by the talented Morgan Gilbert and make use of etched brackets. There are 18” (F.01) and 21” (F.02) types that are available in packs of three for £6. The 21” cylinders are also available singularly with etched brackets for fitting to the end of hopper wagons (F.02A – £2).

There is a new underframe for the BR 1/448 clasp brake Tube wagons (B.54 – £15) and buffer springing mechanisms to suit my 9” (B.93A – £4.50) and 10” (B.93B – £3) underframes. These provide guitar wire springing for buffers in place of conventional coil springs.

BR Tube

There are also three types of detailing etch for the Bachmann Bogie Bolster C / Macaw B:

C.05 (£16.50) is an etch that provides detailing and new trussing using brass angle along the same sort of lines as my Bogie Bolster E etch for the Lima model. The brass angle is included (though the etch is available on its own without the angle for £10.50). Full brakegear is included and there are options for GWR D/C brakes, unfitted lever brakes and the two arrangements of vacuum fitted lever brakes. Detailing parts for the solebar and headstock along with bolster shackles are also included.


For those that don’t wish to replace the trussing on the Bachmann model there are two sets of levers and vees etches to provide new brakegear and body detailing. Both etches include sufficient parts for two wagons. C.05A (£9) is for lever brakegear and provides options to build either two unfitted or one fitted and one vacuum braked wagon and C.05B (£6) covers the GWR D/C brake wagons.

Last but not certainly not least is a loco chassis for the LNER F/4/5/6 family (X.01 – £32). This was a set of etches that were commissioned by Marcus Burrows that I am delighted to make available to a wider audience via Rumney Models. It is designed to provide a modern CSB fitted chassis for the Alan Gibson body and incorporates sprung trucks that make use of the CSB wires along with full brakegear, balance weights, ashpan sides, etc. Full details can be found on my Hosted Products page.


New Items for July

Hot on the heels of the arrival of the milk tank plates comes a new price list and order form

First up is, completely unsupringly, United Dairies & Unigate milk tank plates. These are available in both 4mm scale and 7mm scale and rather nice they look too. Both sizes are etched on 0.004″ stainless steel and both were drawn up seperately from my original artwork meaning that one isn’t an enlagrement/reduction of the other. There are two types of United Dairies plates which adorned most milk tanks belonging to that company in the 1950s and some belonging to Unigate post 1959. There are also Unigate Creameries plates. These have the wagon number on the plate and are suitable for United Dairies, Aplin & Barrett and Cow & Gate milk tanks post 1959. I have done sets of plates for most Unigate milk tank diagrams. If you want plates for a specific diagram please enquire. If you aren’t bothered about such things please say so when ordering.

The 4mm versions (A.21A – United Dairies Type A, A.21B – United Dairies type B and A.22 – Unigate) are £2.50 and the 7mm ones (OA.21A – United Dairies Type A, OA.21B – United Dairies type B and OA.22 – Unigate) £3.50. In all cases they come as a pair and are already painted.

Milk Tank Plate
4mm United Dairies Type A
Milk Tank Plates
7mm United Dairies – Type B
Milk Tank Plate
4mm Unigate LMS 1994
Milk Tank Plates
7mm Unigate SR 3159

Also released this moth are wagon coupling hooks (B.94 – £1.50 sufficient for 7 wagons) and some small detailing etches for Parkside’s PC02A kit covering both LMS (B.102 – £1.50) and BR (B.103 – £1) diagrams. These consist of side capping strips, lamp irons and label boards for the ends. The LMS version contains the correct pattern side strapping for the LMS version (it was different to the BR one which is what Parkside have modelled).


United Dairies & Unigate Milk Tank Plates

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s update I had an exciting package this morning. Yesterday I mentioned some United Dairies/Unigate milk tank plates that I was having etched; well they’ve arrived and look pretty good:

United Dairies 2

United Dairies


These were something I’d always wanted to try and do and I was inspired to get on and sort them out by a Rumney Models customer who has actually painted his David Geen/Rumney Models milk tanks. They turned into a bit of a labour of love. Research was bit of a challenge and there was a complete redraw of the artwork as much was well under what could be reliably etched. A lot of thanks goes to Brian Hanson of Shawplan who was really helpful giving advice on the artwork.

There are 4mm and 7mm scale plates with both United Dairies and Unigate styles as well as a couple of S scale ones. Next job is to fill in the half etched areas with black paint and get them packaged up.

New Website

Just in case you hadn’t noticed Rumney Models has a whizzy new website! Hopefully this site will be easier to view and to find your way around. I’ve done my best to iron out any bugs but if you notcie any links to nowhere then let me know. Hope you like it!

In other news…

I will be at Larkrail later this month. It looks like it should be a great day so if you’re in the area do come along.

The wagon axlebox and springs project has moved on. The second round of test prints were recieved at the Scalefour Society’s AGM recently and have been signed off. They have since been sent off and recieved back from a firm that does lost wax casting to see what they looked liked. Pretty good is the answer. The following shows a 6 leaf spring with plate front axlebox as well as castings for GWR plate freight bogies.

July 2016 Brass Springs and Axleboxes

All the development work for this project is now complete and I can move forward to getting the production masters printed and then turned into castings. Not a moment too soon either. I’ve got a load of wagons waiting to be finished!

In other news I have recently been very busy with artwork for United Dairies and Unigate milk tank plates. Assuming all looks good when I recieve the etches back they will be available in both 4mm and 7mm scales.

July 2016 United Dairies Milk Tank Numberplates

Development work for the BR 1/448 clasp braked Tube chassis is complete. I’m quite pleased with how this has turned out. These will be available soon.

July 2016 BR 448 Tube

The Bogie Bolster C project also rumbles on and the first round of detailing parts are on schedule for release in September. The following photo shows unfitted lever brakegear fitted to a Bachmann model. More details will be posted nearer the time.

July 2016 Bogie Bolster C Detailing

Development work on the freight bogies is also complete. There will be four at first, all plate types; GWR and GWR heavy duty with those lovely scallop shall axleboxes as well as BR oil and roller bearing. These should be available before too long but I wont be ordering the etches until I know when the castings (see above) are going to arrive which means they may not make the September releases.

July 2016 BR Plate Freight Bogie