Future Plans

As always there are lots of exciting new items that are scheduled for release over the coming months, including:

More wagon axlebox and spring castings

GWR & BR plate type freight bogies

GWR 12T Plywood van kit

Gresley coach bogie subframe

In addition to those listed above I have completed artwork for a number of other kits. These are items that I don’t need personally or I’m unsure that I would sell sufficient numbers to cover my time and the expense in bringing them to the market. Over the past few years I have generally made available most things that I’ve developed regardless of whether I thought they were going to cover the cost of doing so or not and was happy to ‘test the market’ with a number of items. For various reasons this is not a situtation that can continue. So, not wishing just to sit on all this artwork, I am offering to make the following items available as and when there is sufficient interest to make them a viable proposition for me. In most cases the number is not great but these are items I do not wish to specualte on or end up with a number of unsold kits of. Once sufficient interest is generated then they will be part of the Rumney Models range like any other new releases.

The kits are listed below along with the number needed to go into production and the number of current ‘sign ups’. Notes on the kits can be found afterwards. If you would like to register your interest then please email me via the address below or see me at an exhibition and let me know how many you would be like. These are not kits that ‘maybe I’ll do at some point in the distant future’ but items where the development work has been completed to my satisfaction. There is no deposit to be paid but if people express an interest in these kits and then decide not to purchase or purchase smaller quantities of them that will influence my thinking on making similar items available in the future. As soon as the required number is reached then they will go into production at the next new release date, typically April or September.

Unit CostCodeDescriptionShedule
126£10B.31 RCH 17’6” x 10’ independent brake
126£10B.33RCH 17’6” x 9’ independent brake
80£15B.36BR 32’ x 18’6” lifting link brake - 22T Tube
63£15B.72RCH 17’6” x 10’ 14T Anchor Mount tank wagon
62£15B.73BR 17’6” x 10’ 20T Anchor Mount tank wagon (BR Plate axleguards)
61£15B.74RCH 17’6” x 10’ 20T Anchor Mount tank wagon (RCH HD axleguards)
80£24C.23LNER D.65 12T Plate wagon kit

Email: justinnewitt@gmail.com

Notes for the above kits

These kits follow the my usual etch and spring wire only pattern. A range of axlebox and spring casting along with vacuum cylinders for my kits have started to be released with more scheduled for 2018.

B.31 & B.33 are earlier versions of my general merchandise underframes B.11 & B.12. B.31 was found under a number of unfitted SR vans and opens (the SR didn’t like paying the royalties for the Morton clutch patent) and also under some wartime LNER opens built by the SR. B.33 could be found under a number of early SR opens and also under the LMS D.1667 open.

B.36 is the unfitted version of my BR 1/448 22T Tube underframe B.54. The early builds of these Tubes were unfitted and had lifting link brakegear. Most, though not all, seem to have been fitted with the clasp vacuum brake as found in kit B.54 at some point.

B.72, B.73, B.74 follow on from my 14T anchor mount tank wagon underframe B.71 (due for release April 2017) and are basically the same etch with different axleguards and include the ladders and handwheels. They are fully open and are intended for the Bachmann anchor mounted tank wagon body. B.72 is for the 14T wagons fitted with RCH axleguards. These were early builds and don’t seem to have been numerous, most had the BR type. Although Bachmann have produced a 14T class A body some are happy to use this as a basis for 20T class B wagons (as have been released by Bachmann). The 20T underframes had heavier duty axleguards with reinforcing strips for the axleboxes and tie bars, esentiallly though the underframe was the same. B.73 has BR plate axleguards and B.74 RCH HD axleguards. The RCH type was more common as the change to BR plate happened later than the similar change on the lighter type axleguards. Some ’20T’ underframes could be found under lighter wagons intended for things such as Bitumen and chemicals.

C.23 is for LNER 12T plate wagons built to diagram 65. These were the predecessors to the LMS/LNER & BR 20/22T plate wagons. They were very similar, with a 10″ solebar and 2 shoe Morton brakes being the main differences. They were built in the early 30s. Some, at least, lasted until the mid 60s. The kit is as per kits C.21 & C.22.