LMS/LNER/BR 22T Plate Wagons

BR diagram 1/434 Plate wagons built new with the BR clasp brake. Body and chassis kit B.08.

BR diagram 1/430 and 1/431 Plate wagons retrofitted with the BR clasp brake in the late 50s/early 60s. Body and chassis kit B.09.

LMS, LNER and BR unfitted Plate wagons. Includes both welded and riveted ends. Body and chassis kit B.27.

LMS & LNER unfitted Plate wagons with fully riveted bodies. Body and chassis kit B.27.

BR Plate VB

BR retrofitted clasp brake plate wagon. Kit C.21B.

These cover all of the variations except the LNER clasp brake fitted ones. The kits are comprehensive as usual. Provision is included for both 3 or 4 hinge doors and welded/riveted ends where appropriate. Etch and spring wire only, no castings.

Instructions can be found by clicking on the product code and title in the above listings. The instructions for the body can be found in the first part of the listing and those for the chassis in the second.