Vacuum Cylinders

  • F.01 18” Vacuum cylinders – £6

Set of three whitemetal castings with etched brackets and actuators

  • F.02 21” Vacuum cylinders – £6

Set of three whitemetal castings with etched brackets and actuators

  • F.02A 21″ Vacuum cylinder for hopper wagon – £2

One whitemetal vacuum cylinder and etched brackets for hopper wagons

Bogie Bolster C – Late Type Bolsters

Both types consist of a set of four whitemetal castings and etched detailing parts including bolster pins and D links.

BR Bogie Bolster C later type bolsters
BR Bogie Bolster C later type bolsters

These late type bolsters were fitted to BR Bogie Bolster Cs from 1954. In the case of unfitted wagons there were 1350 built to diagrams 1/474 or 1/477 and 720 to diagram 1/475. All fitted wagons (some 1400) were to diagram 1/477.

The difference between F.03A and F.03B lies in the centre pair of bolsters. On diagram 1/475 wagons these were fixed meaning the ends of the bolsters were slightly different. F.03A consists of four Type A bolsters and F.03B consists of 2 Type A bolsters and 2 type B bolsters.

BBC Bolster Illustration

Wagon Axlebox and Springs

  • All types are £3.50 for a set of four whitemetal axleboxes and springs

Oil axleboxes come with the axlebox attached to the spring and are slotted for use with my sprung underframes.

FA-FD & FG-FM are based on prototypes with 9” x 4½” journals and are for wagons of 12T to 16T capacity.

FN-FS are based on prototypes with 10” x 5” journals and are for wagons of 20T to 27T capacity (heavy duty – HD).

FE roller bearing axleboxes come with both a hooded and non-hooded type. These are separate from the spring and are designed to be attached to the bearing in the spring carrier on my suspension system except for the BR brake van ones where the bearing is attached to the spring.

Note: 7 leaf springs with HD oil axleboxes and 7, 8 and 9 leaf springs with roller bearings do not come with the riveted reinforcing axlebox guides that other makes do as these are provided on Rumney Models underframes as an etch. If you intend to fit these axleboxes and springs to other makes of underframes these rivted strips are available seperately as backing plates (B.112). You do not need them if fitting to a Rumney Models underframe.

The following tables show the combinations currently available (marked **). The code is given by two parts. The first part is the axlebox reference and the second the spring type.

The springs are arranged by the number of leaves so:

  • 05 is a 5 leaf springs, 06 is a 6 leaf spring, etc.
  • 07LM refers to the LMS 7 leaf springs with J hangers that were found on general merchandise wagons fitted with their clasp braking system (Rumney Models underframes B.51 and B.52).
  • 07BR are BR 20T brake van springs with their own distinctive J hangers and are ideal for Dave Bradwell’s underframes.

Click on any text in blue to see an illustration.

BR Oil Axleboxes (12-16T Wagons)

FA - BR 2 Part********
FB - BR 2 Part Square******
FC - BR Welded - Horizontal Lugs******
FD - BR Platefront********
Roller Bearings

FE - Roller Bearing axleboxes
RCH, LMS & LNER Oil Axleboxes (12-16T Wagons)

FG - RCH 2 Part****
FH - LMS 2 Part****
FJ - LMS Platefront - Vertical Front****
FK - LMS Platefront - Sloping Front ******
FL - LNER Cast****
FM - LNER Welded******
Heavy Duty Axleboxes (20-22T Wagons)

FN - BR 2 Part HD****
FO - BR 2 Part Square HD**
FP - BR Welded HD - Horizontal Lugs
FQ - BR Welded HD - Vertical Lugs
FS - RCH 2 Part Cast HD****
GWR and LMS brake vans

FN.09GW – GWR late Brake Van Springs and BR 2 Part HD Oil Axleboxes
FS.09GW – GWR Brake Van Springs and RCH 2 Part HD Oil Axleboxes
FT.10LMST – LMS Stanier Brake Van Springs Axleboxes

GWR brake van
GWR Brake Van spring & RCH 2 Part HD axlebox

GWR brake van springs are the later swing link type with 10″ journals for diagrams AA.15 (last batch), AA.19, AA.20, AA.21, AA.23 – They will need backing plates B.112 for the reinforced axlebox guides.

*OoS* Currently out of stock. Please enquire before ordering.

What to order

  • If you want a set of BR 2 part axleboxes with 6 leaf spring then use the code FA.06
  • If you want a set of BR Platefront axleboxes with 7 leaf LMS spring then use the code FD.07LM
  • If you want a set of roller bearing axleboxes and 8 leaf springs then use the code FE.08
  • Etc..

Hopefully this is clear. All of the above and more is contained in the following handy downloadable reference. This will be updated as and when new types are introduced.

Wagon Axlebox and Spring Guide


Prototype Notes


Generally the heavier the wagon the more leaves in the spring. There was some overlap however with the heavier wagons depending on whether they were vacuum braked or not.

5 leaf springs – 12/13T wagons

6 leaf springs – 16T mineral wagons, 14T tank wagons, blue spot fish vans

7 leaf LMS springs – 12/13T wagons fitted with the LMS clasp brake

7 leaf BR brake van springs – 20T BR and late LNER brake vans

7 leaf springs – 20/21T unfitted wagons, some 21/22T fitted wagons including 1/448 Tubes and Plates

8 leaf springs – Some 21/22T fitted wagons including 21T hoppers, 20T unfitted tank wagons, 27T uniftted iron ore tipplers and some ballast hoppers.

9 leaf springs – 21T vacuum braked minerals (MDVs), 26T vacuum braked iron ore tipplers

To complement the casting a range of 3D printed wagon springs and axleboxes are available.