Wagon Underframes

Rumney Models wagon chassis kits B.01, B.02 & B.12.

The Rumney Models  range of sprung wagon chassis including solebars, headstocks and detailed brakegear for steel solebar prototypes. They are designed to produce a complete chassis that can be painted separately from the body. I have tried to keep the design as simple as possible but there is a lot to them as they are as comprehensive as possible and include such items as changeover levers, door springs, vacuum cylinder actuators, body side stanchion brackets and BR swan neck vacuum pipe brackets where appropriate. The 17’6” x 10’ chassis are also designed to allow for the ‘open’ ends as found on Shocvans and Shocopens. These kits are primarily designed to suit Parkside and Red Panda plastic bodies. They can of course be built to use with other makes of body but note that they are to scale length over headstocks so check first. The Parkside and Red Panda kits are commendably accurate in this regard.

The descriptions follow this, hopefully clear, format:

Code    Axleguard type     length over headstocks x wheelbase      brake type


The underframe kits are etch and spring wire only. Wheels, bearings, buffers, couplings, vacuum cylinders, vacuum pipes, axleboxes and springs along with various sizes of wire are required to complete.

Axleguard types