Wagon Springs and Axleboxes

  • All types are £4 for a set of 4 3D printed resin axleboxes and springs

The recent aquisition of an SLA 3D printer has enabled me to expand on the range of cast wagon springs and axleboxes already available. These are high quality resin prints and the spring/axlebox are printed as one part as with the castings. The axleboxes come slotted to suit my sprung underframes. I do not keep large stocks of these so please allow two weeks for them to be printed. More to come…

Br Hyboxes fitted to a plate wagon
PFR.07 fitted to Rumney Models kit C.21A

Types Available

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BR Hybox Axleboxes

  • PFR.07 with 7 leaf springs – Plates, Tubes, Grampus
  • PFR.08 with 8 leaf springs – Iron Ore Tipplers
  • PFR.09 with 9 leaf springs – Iron Ore Hoppers

LMS HD Platefront Axleboxes

  • PFT.07 with 7 leaf springs – Iron Ore Hoppers; early Double Bolsters, Long Lows and Tubes

LNER HD Platefront Axleboxes

  • PFV.07 with 7 leaf springs – 21T Hoppers, 21T Minerals, Plates, Tubes, Double Bolsters

BR Standard Palvan Springs

  • PFA.06PAL with BR 2 part axleboxes
  • PFB.06PAL with BR 2 part square axleboxes
  • PFC.06PAL with BR welded axleboxes (horizontal lugs)
  • PFD.06PAL with BR platefront axleboxes
  • PFE.06PAL with roller bearing axleboxes – Please state hooded or non-hooded type
  • PFF.06PAL with BR welded axleboxes (vertical lugs)


If you are fitting to a Masterclass Models kit you will need to replace the undersized etched axleguards.

5 Leaf Springs for Wooden Solebars

  • PFA.05W with BR 2 part axleboxes
  • PFB.05W with BR 2 part square axleboxes
  • PFC.05W with BR welded axleboxes
  • PFD.05W with BR platefront axleboxes
  • PFG.05W with RCH 2 part axleboxes
  • PFH.05W with LMS 2 part axleboxes
  • PFJ.05W with LMS vertical platefront axleboxes
  • PFK.05W with LMS sloping platefront axleboxes
  • PFL.05W with LNER cast axleboxes
  • PFM.05W with LNER welded axleboxes

Fitted to 12/13T wooden underframe wagons. BR axleboxes would be used as replacements in the 1950s.

Continental Style Springs and Axleboxes

  • PFZ.09MOTHOP for MOT/LNE diagram 167 21T Hoppers. Includes the distinctive coupling pockets
  • PFZ.08UICFO for BR Ferry Opens to diagram 1/055 with oil axleboxes
  • PFE(cov).08UICFO for BR Ferry Opens to diagram 1/055 with covered roller bearings
  • PFE.08UICFV for BR Ferry Vans to diagram 1/227

The above springs and axleboxes may also be suitable for Eurpoean built ferry vans/opens.