Bachmann Diagram 1/271 Welded Grain Hopper Underframes

The following 3 kits are intended to upgrade the Bachmann BR welded grain hopper. As with recent output these are a mixed media affair and cover all the variations in the diagram 1/271 hoppers. Each consist of a sprung etched subframe and details along with 3D printed solebars, brake shoes, springs and axleboxes along with hollow buffer housings. There is a choice of oil axleboxes, roller bearings or Hyboxes. If you have a preference for axlebox type, please state when ordering. All of the unfitted wagons were built with oil axleboxes. Many, but not all, were replaced by roller bearings or Hyboxes in the early 60s. Through piped wagons were built with roller bearings but some gained Hyboxes over time. The through piped wagons included a different pattern ladder as per the prototype. EM or P4 only.

Bachmann Grain Hopper
Diagram 1/271 Grain hopper. Bachmann body and underframe PB.36B with roller bearings.

For Unfitted wagons with early type hopper release mechanism (lot 2183 wagons only).

For unfitted wagons with later type hopper release mechanism (pedestal on one side).

For lot 3233 & 3234 wagons.

Instructions can be found by clicking on the product code and tital in the above listings or via the Instructions page.