42T Strip Coil Wagons

42T strip Coil

BR 42T Strip Coil wagon. Kit C.01 with Cambrian BR plate bogies. Built, painted and photographed by Adam Chapman.

Covers the South Wales Strip Coils from 1955 onwards.

Covers the as built, wood lined South Wales Strip Coils up to 1955.

Etch only. C.01 Includes variations for both the fitted and unfitted 1/407 wagons. Bogies, buffers, vacuum cylinders and vacuum pipes (1/403 & fitted 1/407) and couplings are required to complete. Plastic section will also be required to represent the beams that the coils sat on (1/403 & 1/407).

42T Strip Coil Wagon

BR 42T Strip Coil Wagon. Kit C.01 and Cambrian BR plate bogies.

These wagons were essentially just open boxes for carrying steel coils ‘eye to the sky’. 35 unfitted 1/401s were built in 1950/1 followed by 15 vacuum braked 1/403s in 1957. The 1/401s were built with wood lined sides and floor which were removed in 1955. At the same time the coil support arrangement was changed and these vehicles were given the new diagram 1/407 in the process.  In 1958 the 1/407 vehicles were all fitted so as to appear almost identical to the 1/403s. The difference between the two batches was in the size of load area and there wasn’t a lot in it (approximately 1/2″!). Externally they were the same.

Kit C.01 covers both the fitted and unfitted 1/407s along with the 1/403s. Kit C.02 represents the as built 1/401 vehicles up until modification in 1955.

Bogies are available seperately from Rumney Models. The 1/401, 1/407 types as had GWR heavy duty plate bogies with no holes and scallop shell axlebox surrounds (PG.05). The 1/403s had oil bearing BR plate bogies (PG.01).

Notes on Brass Angle for C.04 and C.05

I am now no longer stocking the 1.2mm equal brass and angle designed to be used in the bogie bolster C and E underframe kits. The cost of this angle has now risen to the point where I feel it is too expensive to stock and use in the kits. From now on the builder will have to supply the angle for these two kits themselves. They are free to buy this particular size if they wish but cheaper alternative sizes (1mm equal and 1.5mm equal angle) are also available.

Bogie Bolster E

BR Bogie Bolster E

BR 30T Bogie Bolster E. Lima body, Cambrian/Masokits bogies and kit C.04.

This is designed to fit the Lima bogie bolster E model. The detailing etch (C.04) includes full brake gear, levers and guards; etched fold up queen posts to enable underframe trussing to be easily added from brass angle; lamp irons, full headstock and solebar detailing as well as bolster shackles. Note that bogies are not included. Rumney Models reccomends the Colin Craig designed Davis & Lloyd bogies marketed by Stenson Models.

The Underframe etch (C.04A) is deigned to complement, and be used with, the detailing kit and provide a fully etched underframe. Includes solebars and headstocks.

Instructions can be found by clicking on the product code and title in the above listings.

Bogie Bolster C / Macaw B

This is designed around the Bachmann/Mainaline Macaw B model. Full brake gear is included covering all the possible variants: GWR D/C, uniftted lever brakes and the two arrangements of vacuum lever brakes. Etched fold up ‘queen posts’ are provided to enable the underframe trussing to be easily added from brass angle, which is included; lamp irons, full headstock and solebar detailing as well as bolster shackles are also on the fret.

BR Bogie Bolster C

BR 30T Bogie Bolster C. Bachmann body with levers and vees kit C.05A.

Similar to the above but designed to reuse the plastic trussing with the RTR model. The etch includes full brakegear for lever brake types covering unfitted and vacuum braked versions as well as headstock and solebar detailing along with bolster shackles. There are sufficient parts for two wagons and with the etch you can build either two unfitted or one fitted and one vacuum braked.

Proper D/C brakegear to replace the half hearted effort on the RTR Model. As with C.05A the plastic trussing is designed to be reused. Headstock and solebar detailing is also included along with bolster shackles. There are sufficent parts on the fret for two wagons.