Rumney Models was born out of a desire to produce kits that I wanted for my mid sixites, South Wales based modelling interests. I often get asked for things which fall outside of my area of interest and so are, in truth, unlikely to make it on to the long Rumney Models ‘kits to do’ list. However if there is  something that you really want to see produced then the following ‘commissioning’ service maybe for you:

  • I can produce both 2D artwork for photo etching and 3D artwork for printing.
  • The commissioner will pay me to produce the artwork which they will then own the copyright to.
  • I can arrange to have etches and 3D prints produced or this can be arranged by the commisioner as they desire.
  • Rumney Models can act as a distributor, charging a small percentage for advertising the products via this website and supplying them to the public. See the Hosted Products page.
  • In all cases the artwork will be yours and done to your specification.

If there’s anything that you wish to see produced and are interested in doing something to make it happen then get in touch with me.

  • I am also currently in a position to offer a building service for my kits. Enquire for details..