GWR & BR Sprung 5’6″ Plate Freight Bogies

Fully detailed plate freight bogies featuring etched sideframes and bolster along with cast whitemetal bolster springs and journals. The first versions covers two GWR prototypes; the standard plate bogie and the heavy duty version with scallop shell axleboxes. BR oil journal and roller bearing versions coming soon.

GWR Freight Bogie

GWR standard freight bogie (kit G.04). Model built and photographed by Morgan Gilbert

The following types are currently available:

Freight Bogies Sideframes - Diagram 2 Cropped

The price is per pair. Castings, spring wire and brass pins included. Wheels, top hat bearings, M2 bolts and nuts, 2.5mm x 2mm brass tube pivot point bearing sleeve are required to complete.

BR Freight Bogie

BR freight bogie with roller bearings (kit G.02).