GWR & BR Sprung 5’6″ Plate Freight Bogies

Updated, fully detailed plate freight bogie kits featuring a sprung etched bolster along with 3D printed cosmetic sideframes. There are six versions, two BR types and four GWR.

The previous versions with etched cosmetic sideframes and cast details have now been withdrawn.

GWR Freight Bogies
GWR Freight Bogies – Standard (right – kit PG.04) and Heavy Duty (left – kit PG.05)

The following types are currently available:

The price is per pair. 3D prints, spring wire and brass pins included. Wheels, top hat bearings, M2 bolts and nuts, 2.5mm x 2mm brass tube pivot point bearing sleeve are required to complete.

LNER Diamond Freight Bogies

Specification is exactly the same as the plate bogies with 3D printed cosmetic sideframes over a sprung brass frame.

The 50T bogies are suitable for the LNER Brick and Sulphate wagons

LNER 50T Diamond Freight Bogie
LNER 50T Diamond Freight Bogie – PG11