Below are quick links to all the instructions for products listed on this website. Simply click on the appropriate link for a downloadable pdf file.

4mm Scale Instructions

Milk Tank Underframes and Detailing Parts

A.01 to A.04 – Milk Tank Chassis

A.07 and A.08 – GWR/SR Milk Tank Platforms and Jig

A.09 – GWR Milk Tank Detailing

A.10 – GWR Alterative Ladders and Walkways

A.11 – LMS Detailing

A.12 – Milk Tank Formers

Wagon Underframes and Detailing Parts

B.01 to B.05 – BR Clasp Brake

B.06 – BR Clasp Brake

B.08 & B.09 – BR Clasp Brake

B.11, B.12 & B.26 – Morton Brake

B.13 to B.18 – 16T Mineral Wagons

B.21 to B23 – 21T Mineral Wagons

B.24 & B.25 – Unfitted Iron Ore Tipplers

B.27 – Unfitted Plate Wagons

B.28 – BR 21T Hopper

B.29 – RCH 21T Hopper

B.30 – 13T China Clay Open

B.32 – 9′ wb Morton Brake

B.34 – BR Grampus

B.35 – GWR & SR Tunny

PB.36 – Bachmann Grain Hopper

B.51 & B.52 – LMS Clasp Brake

B.53 – Derby Clasp Brake

B.54 – BR Clasp Brake Tube

B.61 – LNER Clasp Brake

B.71 – 14T Anchor Mount Tank Wagon 

B.72 to B.74 Additional Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Parts

B.75 & B.76 – RCH 1927 14T Saddle and Cradle Mounted Tank Wagons

B.91 – Shock Absorbing Wagon Spring Brackets & Covers

B.92 – Tarpaulin Bar Detailing

B.93A & B.93B – Buffer Springing Mechanism

B.96 – Screw Couplings

B.101 – LNER Steel Open Wagon Detailing

B.102 to B.104  – Parkside Steel Ended Open Detailing

B.106 – Bachmann Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Detailing

B.107 – BR China Clay Open Stanchions

B.108 – General Wagon Detailing

B.109 – BR Grampus Detailing

B.113 – Bachmann Cradle Mount Tank Wagon Detailing

B.114 – Morton Brake 10′ Wheelbase Wagon Detailing

Wagon Kits

C.01 & C.02 – 42T Strip Coil

C.04 – Bogie Bolster E Detailing

C.04A – Bogie Bolster E Underframe

C.05 – Bogie Bolster C Detailing

C.05A & C.05B – Bogie Bolster C Levers and Vees

C.21 & C.22 – Plate Wagon Bodies

C.51 – BR 1/801 Fish Van

C.53 & C.53A – LMS Wooden Ended Open Wagon Body Kit

C.54 – BR Wooden Ended Shocopen Body Kit

PC.55 – LMS/LNER/BR Gunpowder Vans

PC.56 – BR 1/221 Izal Palvan

PC.111 – 7’3″ Air Ministry Tank Wagons

X.10 – GWR / BR(W) P22 Ballast Hopper

X.33 – Lima Bogie Vee Presflo Detailing

Diesel Bogies

D.01, D.02, D.04 and D.05 – Sprung Diesel Bogies

D.03 – Peak Pony Trucks – P4

D.03A – Peak Pony Trucks – EM

D.06 – Warship Bogies

X.02 – Class 31 Bogies

Coach Bogies

E.01 to E.05 – Sprung Coach Bogie Subframes

E.07 – Gresley Coach Bogie Subframe

E.101 – BR Coach Bogies – Complete Kit

E.110A & E.110B – LMS Riveted Coach Bogies – Complete Kit

Wagon Castings

F.03A & F.03B – BR Bogie Bolster C Bolsters

Freight Bogies

G.01/2 & G.04/5 – BR & GWR Freight Bogies with Etched Sideframes

PG.01-6 – BR & GWR Freight Bogies with 3D Printed Sideframes

PG.11 – LNER 50T Diamond Framed Freight Bogies

Steam Loco Parts

X.01 LNER F4/5/6 2-4-2T Chassis

X.04A MR/LMS/BR 1P 0-4-4T Chassis – Craftsman Version

X.04B MR/LMS/BR 1P 0-4-4T Chassis – Bachmann Version

X.07 GER Y14 / LNER J15 0-6-0 Chassis

X.08 GER S23 Tender Underframe

X.09 GER Z14 Tender Underframe

X.13 M&SWJR 2-4-0 Loco and Tender Chassis

X.15 Ivatt Pont Truck Detailing

X.16 Bachmann SR N Class Loco and Tender Chassis

X.16A Bachmann SR N Class Tender Subframe Only

X.21 Ivatt/BR Class 2 Detailing

X.22 Ivatt Class 2 Ladder

X.29 LMS 6’6″ Trailing Bogie


X.03 CSB Adapter Plates for Brassmasters Hornblocks

X.14 Stones Ventilators for Late Midland and Early LMS Coaching Stock

S Scale Instructions

SB.13 & SB.16 – S Scale 16T Mineral Wagon Chassis

SB.32 – 9′ wb Morton Brake

SB.51 – S Scale LMS Claps Brake Chassis

7mm Scale Instructions

OA.07 and OA.08 – GWR/SR Milk Tank Platforms and Jig

OB.71 & OB.74 Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Underframes

OB.92 Tarpaulin Bar Detailing

OB.109 Grampus Detailing

OB.110 RCH 12′ Lifting Link Brakegear Detailing

OB.111 21T Vacuum Braked Hopper Detailing

OC.71 & OC.72 Anchor Mount Tank Wagon Bodies

OE.02 – Sprung Commonwelath Coach Bogies