New Releases – February 2024

3D Printed Springs and Axleboxes for BR 1/055 Ferry Open – Oil Axleboxes

S Scale 17’6″ x 10′ LNE Clasp Brake Underframe

New Releases – September 2023

Lima Bogie Vee Presflo Detailing Kits

Ivatt Class 2 Tank Ladder

LMS 6’6″ Trailing Bogie

New Releases – June 2023

Bachmann Grain Hopper Underframes

Cast Oil Axleboxes and 8 Leaf Springs

3D Printed Continental Style Springs and Axleboxes for MOT Hoppers, Ferry Opens and Ferry Vans

New Releases – January 2023

LMS/LNER/BR Gunpowder Vans

BR 1/221 Izal Palvans

BR Heavy Duty Plate Freight Bogies

3D Printed Axleboxes and 5 Leaf Springs for Wooden Solebars

New Releases – September 2022

7’3″ 14T Air Ministry Tank Wagon Kits

Bachmann N Class Loco and Tender Chassis

LNER 50T Diamond Freight Bogies

Gauge 1 Milk Tank Plates

New Releases – June 2022

Complete LMS riveted coach bogie kit

Bachmann 1P 0-4-4T chassis kit

Updated BR/GWR freight bigies with 3D printed cosmetic sideframes

Ivatt/BR class 2 detailing

Various 3D printed wagon springs and axleboxes

New Releases – March 2020

M&SWJR 2-4-0 loco and tender chassis

Stones ventilators for late Midland & early LMS coaches

Ivatt pony truck detailing

New Releases – September 2019

LNER 8’6″ light Gresley coach bogie subframes

Complete BR Coach Bogie kit (light duty for Mk1 stock)

GWR / BR(W) P22 ‘ Herring’ ballast hopper kit

GER Y14 / LNER J15 0-6-0 loco chassis

GER S23 tender underframe

GER Z14 tender underframe

New Releases – April 2019

Morton brake 10′ wheelbase wagon detailing

GWR & LMS milk tank axlebox and spring castings

New Releases – September 2018

1927 RCH 14T saddle and cradle mounted tank wagon underframe

Bachmann saddle mounted tank wagon detailing

BR sprung plate freight bogies

More wagon axlebox and spring castings

New Releases – April 2018

MR/LMS/BR 1P 0-4-4T chassis

GWR sprung plate freight bogies

BR sprung class 31 bogies

Anchor Mount tank wagon parts

GWR & SR Tunny Chassis

S Scale RCH 17’6″ x 9′ Morton brake underframe 

New Releases – September 2017

More wagon axlebox and spring castings

RCH Morton brake 21T hopper underframe

RCH 17’6″ x 9′ Morton brake wagon underframe

BR Grampus underframe

Screw couplings

BR Grampus detailing

Bogie Bolster C later type bolsters (2 different sets covering diagrams 1/474, 1/475 & 1/477)

CSB Carrier tags for Brassmasters hornblocks

New Releases – July 2017

4mm Express Dairy Milk Tank Plates

7mm Express Dairy Milk Tank Plates

New Releases – April 2017

More wagon axlebox and spring castings

14T Anchor mount tank wagon underframe

BR 13T china clay open underframe

Bachmann anchor mount tank wagon detailing

BR Shocopen, Ratio LMS van and Ratio china clay open detailing

General wagon detailing

7mm tarpaulin bar detailing

7mm Grampus baskets

7mm 12′ RCH lifting link brakegear and 21T VB hopper detailing


New Releases – September 2016

Wagon axlebox and spring castings

Wagon vacuum cylinder castings

BR clasp brake Tube underframe

Wagon buffer springing mechanisms

Bachmann Bogie Bolster C detailing

Bachmann Bogie Bolster C levers and vees – Lever brakegear

Bachmann Bogie Bolster C levers and vees – D/C brakegear

LNER F4/5/6 chassis