LMS Clasp Brake Chassis

The LMS clasp brake system was used under numerous vacuum braked wagons built during the later LMS and early BR periods.

LMS Open

LMS D.2150 5 plank open. Modified Parkside body and chassis B.52.

For 12T vans, 13T opens, conflats, shockopens, medfits, lowfits

For 12T vans, 13T opens, medfits

Both chassis include alternative parts to enable shock absorbing wagons, with their different brake lever position, to be built.

Derby Clasp Brake chassis

This was something of a curiosity. It was only found under a handful of types, most important of which was the production Vanwides. The following photos show the test etch built for a model of a lot 3082 Shocopen wagon.

Derby clasp brake

Derby Clasp Brake

For lot 3082 & 3232 BR diagram 1/056 Shocopens and the Vanwides

At the time when most BR vacuum braked wagons were being built with the standard BR clasp brake Derby came up with this hybrid which first went under lot 3082 Shocopens in 1958. Its development from the LMS clasp brake is immediately obvious but there were lots of differences including BR pattern brake shoes and an asymmetric clasp brake hanger arrangement. The brakegear type also cropped up under diagram 1/462 clasp braked Pipe wagons (a chassis for which is currently under development) and the diagram 1/221 ‘Izal’ Palvan. This, as far as I’m aware, was the entire scope of it’s usage.

The diagram below gives you an idea of how it differed from the standard LMS clasp brake.

LMS Derby Clasp Brake

For BR diagram 1/448 clasp brake Tube wagons

BR Tube

BR 1/448 Tube. Parkside Dundas body and chassis B.54.

LNER Clasp Brake chassis

The LNER clasp brake system used under several vacuum braked wagons built during the very late LNER and early BR periods. Only the BR axleguard fitted version will be available as Dave Bradwell already does a very good kit for the RCH axleguard version.

For 12T vans, 13T steel opens, conflats, shockopens, medfits, lowfits

LNER 13T steel open

BR built LNER 13T steel open. Parkside body, chassis B.61 and detailing B.101

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