New Items for July

Hot on the heels of the arrival of the milk tank plates comes a new price list and order form

First up is, completely unsupringly, United Dairies & Unigate milk tank plates. These are available in both 4mm scale and 7mm scale and rather nice they look too. Both sizes are etched on 0.004″ stainless steel and both were drawn up seperately from my original artwork meaning that one isn’t an enlagrement/reduction of the other. There are two types of United Dairies plates which adorned most milk tanks belonging to that company in the 1950s and some belonging to Unigate post 1959. There are also Unigate Creameries plates. These have the wagon number on the plate and are suitable for United Dairies, Aplin & Barrett and Cow & Gate milk tanks post 1959. I have done sets of plates for most Unigate milk tank diagrams. If you want plates for a specific diagram please enquire. If you aren’t bothered about such things please say so when ordering.

The 4mm versions (A.21A – United Dairies Type A, A.21B – United Dairies type B and A.22 – Unigate) are £2.50 and the 7mm ones (OA.21A – United Dairies Type A, OA.21B – United Dairies type B and OA.22 – Unigate) £3.50. In all cases they come as a pair and are already painted.

Milk Tank Plate

4mm United Dairies Type A

Milk Tank Plates

7mm United Dairies – Type B

Milk Tank Plate

4mm Unigate LMS 1994

Milk Tank Plates

7mm Unigate SR 3159

Also released this moth are wagon coupling hooks (B.94 – £1.50 sufficient for 7 wagons) and some small detailing etches for Parkside’s PC02A kit covering both LMS (B.102 – £1.50) and BR (B.103 – £1) diagrams. These consist of side capping strips, lamp irons and label boards for the ends. The LMS version contains the correct pattern side strapping for the LMS version (it was different to the BR one which is what Parkside have modelled).