New Items for September


Rumney Models is delighted to announce a bumper crop of new releases!

First up is exciting news about a new range of whitemetal wagon axlebox and spring castings for BR era prototypes. They have been produced from the highest quality masters printed for me by Alan Butler at Modelu. The first wave of releases contains 6 different types of axleboxes with both oil and roller bearings types and six types of springs. There are four types of oil axlebox, all for 12/16T prototypes all of which are available with either 5, 6 or LMS 7 leaf J hanger springs. The axleboxes come attached to the springs for ease of fitting and are already slotted for use with sprung suspension systems. There are hooded and non-hooded types of roller bearing that are available with 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 leaf springs. The price is £2.50 for a set of four axleboxes and springs. Further information including product codes can be found on the wagon castings page.


To complete the castings part of the new releases whitemetal vacuum cylinder castings are also available. These have been produced from masters made for me by the talented Morgan Gilbert and make use of etched brackets. There are 18” (F.01) and 21” (F.02) types that are available in packs of three for £6. The 21” cylinders are also available singularly with etched brackets for fitting to the end of hopper wagons (F.02A – £2).

There is a new underframe for the BR 1/448 clasp brake Tube wagons (B.54 – £15) and buffer springing mechanisms to suit my 9” (B.93A – £4.50) and 10” (B.93B – £3) underframes. These provide guitar wire springing for buffers in place of conventional coil springs.

BR Tube

There are also three types of detailing etch for the Bachmann Bogie Bolster C / Macaw B:

C.05 (£16.50) is an etch that provides detailing and new trussing using brass angle along the same sort of lines as my Bogie Bolster E etch for the Lima model. The brass angle is included (though the etch is available on its own without the angle for £10.50). Full brakegear is included and there are options for GWR D/C brakes, unfitted lever brakes and the two arrangements of vacuum fitted lever brakes. Detailing parts for the solebar and headstock along with bolster shackles are also included.


For those that don’t wish to replace the trussing on the Bachmann model there are two sets of levers and vees etches to provide new brakegear and body detailing. Both etches include sufficient parts for two wagons. C.05A (£9) is for lever brakegear and provides options to build either two unfitted or one fitted and one vacuum braked wagon and C.05B (£6) covers the GWR D/C brake wagons.

Last but not certainly not least is a loco chassis for the LNER F/4/5/6 family (X.01 – £32). This was a set of etches that were commissioned by Marcus Burrows that I am delighted to make available to a wider audience via Rumney Models. It is designed to provide a modern CSB fitted chassis for the Alan Gibson body and incorporates sprung trucks that make use of the CSB wires along with full brakegear, balance weights, ashpan sides, etc. Full details can be found on my Hosted Products page.