New Items for September

With Autumn just around the corner it means a new set of releases from Rumney Models.

The ‘headline act’ this time is an underframe kit for the BR unfitted Grampus (B.34 – £15). This includes replacement baskets and door spring and step detailing for the body. For those who don’t want to go to the extent of building a complete replacement underframe the baskets, solebar and body side door springs along with the corner steps are available on their own as a detailing pack (B.109 – £3.50).

Grampus 3

Grampus 2

There is a new underframe for RCH 21T Morton brake hoppers (B.29 – £13), covering mainly private owner types and also a 17’6” x 9’ Morton brake underframe (B.32 – £11) for grouping era general merchandise wagons.

To compliment the underframes are screw couplings (B.96 – £1.50). These are etched on 0.015” nickel silver to try and give a more prototypically robust appearance and come in sets of 4 with various length links. Completing the etched products are CSB carrier tags to suit Brassmasters hornblocks (X.03 – £1.50).

The range of whitemetal springs and axleboxes continues to expand with RCH 2 part, LMS 2 part, LMS vertical Platefront, LNER cast and LNER welded axleboxes combined with 5 leaf springs along with LMS 2 part, LMS vertical Platefront, LMS sloping Platefront and LNER cast axleboxes combined with the LMS 7 leaf spring as fitted to wagon with the LMS clasp brake. All types come in packs of 4 castings which cost £2.50.

Axlebox and Spring Castings

Lastly are castings and etched details for later type BR Bogie Bolster C bolsters. These distinctive bolsters were fitted from around 1954 and can be used to detail the Bachmann model. There are two types covering diagrams 1/474 & 1/477 (F.03A – £6.50) and 1/475 (F.03B – £6.50). Each set consists of 4 cast bolsters with etched bolster pins and D links.

BBC Bolsters

A happy Autumn of modelling to all!