New Items for September 2018

Another a new set of releases from Rumney Models to report on.

The ‘headline act’ this time round is a pair of kits for RCH 1927 tank wagon underframes. They are available with either 10’ (B.75) or 9’ (B.76) wheelbase and are £14 each. These are suitable for tank wagons built from around 1927 until the last of the Air Ministry tanks were built in the mid 1940s. The obvious current starting point for a body is the Bachmann cradle mounted tank wagon. These chassis don’t include any detailing for the body such as ladders.

Oil Tank 2

To complement the above chassis and for those wishing to upgrade the Bachmann cradle mounted tank wagon model without resorting to building a new underframe there is a detailing kit (B.113 – £4.50). This includes two sets of different ladders, brake levers, brake lever guards, tie bars, valve wheel, tank straps and outside solebar crosshead tie down brackets. There are sufficient parts for 2 wagons.

Oil Tank 4

Having sorted out a casting shortage the BR version of my sprung plate freight bogies are now available. There are two types with either oil (G.01) or roller bearing (G.02) journals. Both types are £12 for a pair. They feature etched sideframes and bolster with cast whitemetal bolster springs and journals.

The new items for are rounded off with yet more wagon spring and axlebox castings.

The 5 leaf spring is now available with an LMS sloping platefront axlebox and the 6 leaf springs with RCH 2 part (perfect for the new tank wagon chassis), LMS sloping platefront (good for pre 1927 tank wagons) and LNER welded (16T minerals) axleboxes. There are also springs and axleboxes for GWR and LMS Stanier brake vans. The GWR brake van springs are the later swing link variety and come with either RCH or BR 2 part heavy duty axleboxes (10” journals). These are suitable for diagrams AA.15 (last batch), AA.19, AA.20, AA.21 and AA.23. All are £3 for a set of 4.

GWR brake van

I had hoped to have added GWR and LMS milk tank springs and axleboxes to the catalogue this time round but I have practically sold out of those that I ordered and so will add them once I have plenty of stocks (in short I didn’t order enough!). Keep an eye on the website but I would hope to have them for the Portsmouth exhibition in November. I will have a very limited number for sale at Scaleforum for those who are quick.

I hope to see some of you at Scaleforum next weekend,