Rumney Models New Items September 2023

September is well and truely with us and Scalefourm is just around the corner which means it’s time for some new releases from Rumney Models

Lima Bogie Vee Presflo Detailing

A set of etches and 3D prints to update and correct the Lima bogie vee Presflo model brought to you by Mike Whitchurch.

The ‘full’ kit (X.33A) includes correct length etched skirts and 3D printed ends which are missing on the RTR model. The kit assumes that you will lengthen the outer ends of the tanks with plastic strip (not included). The accompanying etched detailing includes new walkways, ladders, end anchors and lifting brackets as well as lamp irons, brake wheels and solebar detailing. 3D printed manholes are also included.

We appreciate that not everyone wants to go to the trouble of lengthening the tanks and replacing the skirts so the detailing etch from the ‘full’ is available separately (X.33B). This includes the 3D printed manholes.

  • X.33A – £24 Lima bogie vee Presflo skirts and detailing
  • X.33B – £8 Lima bogie vee Presflo detailing only
Lima Bogie Vee Presflo
Bogie Vee Presflo. Lima body with detailing kit X.33A and Cloin Craig/Stenson Models bogies.

Ivatt Class 2 Tank Ladder

Ivatt Class 2 Tank Ladder
Ivatt Class 2 Tank Ladder kit X.22

LMS 6’6” Trailing bogie

  • (X.29 – £6) A sprung LMS 6’6″ trailing bogie originally intended for a model of the LMS 2P but with applications for other LMS locos such as the 2-6-4Ts. P4 only.
LMS Loco Bogie
LMS 6’6″ Trailing Bogie kit X.29

Reinstated Items

The steel ended wooden open and shock open detailing etches (B.102 – £2, B.103 – £1.50 & B.104 – £2.50) are available again from stock as is the Ratio LMS van strapping etch (B.105 – £1). Stocks are low for the BR Shocopen detailing (B.104) but I have good stocks of all the others. See the Wagon Detailing Page for Details.

Coming Soon

There was supposed to be another major release this month but a problem with the etches meant that it needed to be put back. A full kit for 1930s 10’ wheelbase class A tank wagons, with ether saddles or a cradle, will be appearing soon, most probably in early January.

1930s Class A Tank Wagon
1930s Class A tank wagon kit PC.112 with cradle.

Hope to see some of you on the weekend,