Rumney Models Update and New Items for June 2022

Over the past two years I’ve had a couple of big commission projects to do which has meant that time for putting new items into production has been rather limited. I’m pleased to say that I have finally managed to finish instruction writing and put together a new price list which includes the official introduction of some 3D printed items from my own SLA printer. I’m less pleased to say that with this price list comes price rises. More on the latter further down but first the good news and new items. All are 4mm scale.

Complete kits for LMS Riveted Coach Bogies

There are two kits for riveted LMS coach bogies; E.110A (late vertical Platefront axleboxes) and E.110B (early sloping Platefront axleboxes) both priced at £27 for the pair and are EM/P4 only. The only difference is the axleboxes. They are fully sprung, include provision different step boards, correctly modelled ends for dynamo and non-dynamo bogies and 3D printed springs/axleboxes and bolster detail.

LMS Riveted Coach Bogie
LMS Riveted Coach Bogie – Kit E.110A

Chassis kit for the Bachmann LMS 1P

Following on from the kit for the Craftsman LMS 1P comes a replacement chassis for the recent Bachmann model (X.04B – £44). The kit is EM/P4 only and features sprung driving wheels, a sprung bogie, full brakegear, dummy inside motion and a removable keeper plate with cosmetic driving wheel springs. Also included are 3D printed bogie details, sandboxes, brake cylinder and a replacement boiler bottom.

Bachmann LMS 1P Chassis
Bachmann LMS 1P Chassis – Kit X.04B

Plate Freight Bogies with 3D Printed Sideframes

As mentioned above, this price list sees the official introduction of 3D printed parts and one of the first things to receive its attention is the Rumney Models range of freight bogies. The original freight bogies with etched cosmetic sideframes and cast details were proving a nightmare to stock and so they have now been withdrawn. In their place see a new range of freight bogies with 3D printed cosmetic sideframes to fit over the same sort of etched sprung bogie subframe as before. The new method of producing the cosmetic sides means that there are also a couple of new kits for early GWR lightweight bogies, both with and without external top angle.

All are £14 for the pair and include etch, printed sideframes and spring wire. They can be built in P4, EM and OO.

GWR Freight Bogies – Standard (right – kit PG.04) and Heavy Duty (left – kit PG.05)

BR/Ivatt Class 2 Loco Detailing

A fret of various detailing parts designed by Dave Holt for his own class 2 loco projects (X.21 – £8.50). Intended for the tank locos but some of the parts are also applicable to the tender versions. Includes balance weights, cab doors, injector parts, vacuum diaphragm brackets, tank straps, lamp irons, lubricator drive and buffer beam gussets.

3D Printed Wagon Springs & Axleboxes               

The new 3D printer has enabled me to introduce some new rolling stock springs and axleboxes to the range. These are high quality resin prints and the spring/axlebox are printed as one part as with the castings. The axleboxes come slotted to suit my sprung underframes. All are £4 for a set of four.

New wagon axleboxes include BR Hyboxes which are available with 7 leaf (PFR.07), 8 leaf (PFR.08) and 9 leaf (PFR.09) springs; an LMS HD Platefront type available with 7 leaf springs (PFT.07) and an LNER cast HD type, also with 7 leaf springs (PFV.07). 

I have done springs suitable for BR Palvans which are available with suitable BR axleboxes. These include BR 2 part (PFA.06PAL), BR 2 part square (PFB.06PAL), BR welded (PFC.06PAL), BR Platefront (PFD.06PAL) and roller bearings (PFE.06PAL). You will need to specify hooded or non-hooded roller bearings when ordering.

Also available are springs and axleboxes for the BR CCT (PFZ.BRCCT). If you are intending to use these with the Masterclass Models kit you will need replace the etched axleguards. These are vastly undersized as they come.

BR 1/801 Fish Van

Not a new kit of course but I’m pleased to say that my kit for the final version of the BR fish van is finally available again (C.51 – £49). It now comes with a resin roof, springs and axleboxes and a cast vacuum cylinder making it as complete as I can manage.

Price Rises

Few will fail to have notice recent price rises in all sorts of areas and with Rumney Models still operating under a pricing structure that was created nearly ten years ago, prices had to go up at some point. Recent sharp rises in material and energy costs have brought this into focus. The real spanner in the works has been my etchers recent decision to change their pricing structure from paying by the size of tool to fixed size sheets. This means that some of my sheets are now costing me 60% more than they did last year! Not everything has gone up, especially where I have large stocks or my existing sheets fit nicely within my etchers new size parameters, but some things have gone up a lot. This is extremely frustrating. The new prices reflect what I have to pay to my suppliers.

A few items have been withdrawn or will be withdrawn when stocks have been exhausted. The latter are marked while stocks last next to the price. Please enquire before ordering. Future price lists may well see further withdrawals of products, either because stocking them is proving prohibitively expensive or things simply aren’t selling at the new price levels. Items that haven’t risen in price may well do so in the near future.

Postal Charges

This update sees the reintroduction of postal charges. These will now be £1.75 for orders with a total goods value of no more than £30 and £3.50 for orders with a total goods value over £30. I’m not sure how much good the free postage offer did to encourage sales but it’s now time to get back to normal.


Rumney Models will be appearing at the Scalefour Society’s AGM in Bristol on June 11th and at Scaleforum in High Wycombe on 24th/25th September in 2022.

With a need to balance my Missenden Abbey commitments (if anyone wants to learn design for either 3D printing or etching/laser cutting, we would love to see you at one of the modelling weekends!), commission work and my childcare duties I have decided to restrict Rumney Models exhibition appearances to Scaleforum and Scalefour North (or Scalefour Crewe as it may be called) going forward. I’ll look forward to seeing you at one of these events.


Over the years I’ve become less and less enamoured with social media sites, for whatever reason they don’t seem to work well for me. I have however recently started posting some of the things that Rumney Models is up to on Instagram and there is a gallery of those posts on this website.

Happy modelling,