Rumney Models Update and New Items for June 2023

New Items

Thanks to some non-Rumney Models work commitments and the general craziness of school half term there was no time to update the website before Rumney Models appearance at Scalefour Crewe. I have finally gotten round to it and there are some new items to tempt you with.

Bachmann Grain Hopper Underframes

The latest RTR wagon to receive the Rumney Models upgrade treatment is the Bachmann welded grain hopper. The body is good but the model benefits from a finer underframe and incorporating some of the many variations that could be found on theses diagram 1/271 hoppers.

Bachmann Grain Hopper
Diagram 1/271 Grain hopper. Bachmann body and underframe PB.36B with roller bearings.

There are 3 kits in total and, as with recent output, they are a mixed media affair. Each kit consists of a sprung etched subframe and details along with 3D printed solebars, brake shoes, springs and axleboxes along with hollow buffer housings. There is a choice of oil axleboxes, roller bearings or Hyboxes to go with the 9 leaf springs. All of the unfitted wagons were built with oil axleboxes but many were replaced by roller bearings or Hyboxes in the early 60s. The through piped wagons were built with roller bearings, though some gained Hyboxes over time, and they were fitted with a different pattern ladder. The underframes can be built in EM or P4 and they are all £20 each.

PB.36 Bachmann Grain Hopper Underframes

  • PB.36A – Unfitted wagons with early type hopper release mechanism (vees on both sides – lot 2183 wagons only)
  • PB.36B – Unfitted wagons with later type hopper release mechanism (pedestal on one side)
  • PB.36C – Through piped wagons

Cast Whitemetal Wagon Oil Axleboxes and 8 Leaf Springs

The range of cast wagon springs and axleboxes is expanded with three types of oil axlebox combined with 8 leaf springs for use with unfitted 20T tank wagons, iron ore tipplers and some ballast hoppers. These were included in small numbers in a mould a while ago and I have now built up sufficient stocks to consider releasing them. All are the standard price of £3.50 for a set of four.

8 Leaf Springs and Oil Axleboxes

  • FN.08 BR 2 part HD with 8 leaf springs
  • FP.08 BR welded (horizontal lugs) with 8 leaf springs
  • FS.08 RCH 2 part HD with 8 leaf springs

3D Printed Continental Style Wagon Springs and Axleboxes

There are three new types of 3D printed wagon springs and axleboxes now available. These have a continental flavour and they are also suitable for European built ferry wagons for the adventurous. All are £4 for a set of four and the MOT hopper set also includes the distinctive coupling pocket fitted to these wagons.

Continental Style Springs and Axleboxes

  • PFE(cov).08UICFO – BR ferry opens built to diagram 1/055 and fitted with covered roller bearings
  • PFE.08UICFV – BR built ferry vans built to diagram 1/227
  • PFZ.09MOTHOP – MOT 21T hoppers built to LNE diagram 167

Postal Charges

It seems the every six months or so the Royal Mail ‘tweaks’ it’s postal charges. I have been looking at Rumney Models postal pricing policy and have made some adjustments in light of this. Postal charges will now be as follows:

  • £1.75 for orders of less than £30
  • £4 for orders of £30 or more

Overseas postage will continue to be at cost.

Since the beginning of Rumney Models I have sent items by first class post. I haven’t always been able to get to a post office every day and now typically go only twice a week. Beacuse of this, and beacuse we live in an Amazon fed world where we expect things to arrive the day before they were orered, I’ve felt that orders should get from the post office to the cutomer as quicly as possible. Perhaps with these continuing price increases it’s time to switch to 2nd class post?

Overseas Orders

Ordering things form another country can be a right pain. On top of the cost of the goods and postal charges there are import duties to contend with. This is an particular pain for those living in Europe who didn’t have to worry about such things until recently. From my point of view, I am very happy to accept orders from outside the UK but please note that items will be sent out with correctly filled in customs forms. This means that “Sale of Goods” will be listed as the customs declaration catagory on the customs form and the corrrect HSS tariff code will be entered.

Customers from outside the UK should make themselves aware of any customs charges/import duties that they may be liable for before ordering from me. It has been suggested recently that I should be sending out overseas orders with incorrectly filled in customs declarations to avoid duties. This is not something I’m prepared to do. I am happy to send orders to UK addresses for forwarding to overseas destinations but please note that responsibility for losses/breakages by the postal service will only be liable from me to the address on the envelope.

Happy modelling,