Rumney Models Update and New Items for January 2023

New Items

With the Rumney Models exhibition calendar being different slightly different this year thanks to Scalefour North re-emerging at Crewe in June rather than Easter, it seemed like a good idea to take the opportunity of the New Year to release some items that have been bubbling away for a while.

There are two new wagon kits available along with another variation on the plate fright bogies and some new wagon springs. Both of the new kits are mixed media affairs and will be done in small batches, typically 6. I have small quantities of both initially so as usual, please enquire for availability.

LMS/LNER/BR Gunpowder Vans

These have been a long time coming. I have a set of artwork here for a completely etched kit that predates Rapido’s will they won’t they RTR model by a long way. When I got my 3D printer, I was looking for a quickish project to try out a wagon kit with and, because here at Rumney Models we believe that building kits is far more fun and worthwhile than consuming another piece of Chinese plastic, the etched kit was reimagined as a mostly 3D printed one but with brass in all the right places.

BR Retrofitted Gunpowder Van
BR Retrofitted Gunpowder Van Kit – PC.55E

In the end there are 6 kits to choose from. Essentially it is the same basic wagon but with different solebars and details to accurately model the different versions.  The body, solebars, buffer housings, springs/axleboxes and brakegear are 3D printed resin with a sprung brass ‘under frame’, roof (for a prototypically thin look) and detailing parts along with a cast whitemetal vacuum cylinder (where appropriate). Suitable axleboxes and buffer housings will be included but if you require something specific, please state when ordering.

Just for fun, I have drawn up a ‘brochure’ for these with more details and the prototype information.

PC.55 LMS/LNER/BR Gunpowder Vans

  • PC.55A – Unfitted Independent brake – RCH axleguards – LMS and LNER vans as built
  • PC.55B – Unfitted Morton brake – BR axleguards – Early BR vans as built
  • PC.55C – Morton vacuum brake – BR axleguards – Vans built new by BR with vacuum braking – lots 2544, 2689 & 2872 only
  • PC.55D – Retrofitted Morton vacuum brake – RCH axleguards – LMS and LNER retrofitted vans
  • PC.55E – Retrofitted Morton vacuum brake – BR axleguards – BR retrofitted vans  
  • PC.55F – Retrofitted Morton vacuum brake – BR axleguards – LMS and LNER retrofitted vans that have had their axleguards changed

The kits can be built in OO, EM and P4 and are £39 each.

Due to the fact that these have to be sent small parcel there is a £2 postal surcharge when ordering the kits. This surcharge applies to the order as a whole not to the kit so if ordering more than one, you only pay the surcharge once.

BR 1/221 ‘Izal’ Palvan

This kit arose from a request by a customer to produce an etched underframe, end framing/stanchions and details for the Izal Palvans. 250 of these specialist wagons were built in 1960 for carrying palletised Izal products from their factory in Sheffield. The body wasn’t covered as it was decided that the distinctive prototype wasn’t really suitable for etching. After I had acquired my 3D printer, we decided to complete the kit by adding sides, inner ends to sit behind the etched framing, springs/axleboxes and a roof. Now very much a mixed media kit, this is the result.

BR 1/221 Izal Palvan
BR 1/221 Izal Palvan Kit – PC.56

The kit included the etches and 3D prints mentioned above and will also include hollow 3D printed Oleo buffer housings and a cast whitemetal vacuum cylinder. It is supplied with the original pattern J-hanger springs and roller bearings fitted to the wagons. Some were fitted with long ‘standard’ springs with no J-hangers late in life, these are available by request when ordering. 3D printed solebars are available separately to use in place of the etched version included in the kit if required. They are not needed to build the kit but are an optional extra.

PC.56 BR 1/221 Izal Palvan

  • PC.56 – Complete 1/221 Palvan kit – £48
  • PC.56A – Optional 3D printed solebars for use with the Izal Palvan kit – £3.50

BR Heavy Duty Plate Freight Bogies

As part of a commission project, I drew up artwork for the BR oil journal version of the heavy duty GWR bogie which has been added to the range. These were fitted to some Western Region Weltrols but more importantly, the second batch of BR Strip Coils. Specification is the same as the other freight bogies with a sprung etched brass subframe and 3D printed cosmetic sides. Price is for a pair of bogies.

BR Heavy Duty Plate Freight Bogies

  • PG.06 – BR Heavy duty plate fright bogies – £14

3D printed 5 Leaf Springs and Axleboxes for Wooden Solebars

The Rumney Models range of wagon springs and axleboxes continues to expand with the addition of 3D printed springs and axleboxes for wooden underframe stock. They are available with any of the Rumney Models ‘light’ axleboxes, FA to FM.

LMS 2 Part Axlebox with 5 Leaf Springs for Wooden Solebars
LMS 2 Part Axlebox and 5 Leaf Spring for Wooden Solebar – FH.05W

5 Leaf Springs for Wooden Solebars

  • Various Codes ending .05W – 5 Leaf springs and axleboxes for wooden solebars – £4 for a set of 4

As with the other 3D printed springs/axleboxes please allow 2 weeks for order processing as they may need printing.

Reintroduced Items

The sprung coach bogies subframes (E.01-E.07) have been reinstated and are available again from stock. Enough people put their hand up to continue with them. I looked at retooling the sheets but most of the kits are such awkward sizes that I can’t actually rearrange the frets sufficiently to squeeze more of them on to a sheet. Prices therefore will remain where they were, but they are available…

Exhibitions for 2023

Rumney Models will be out and about at Scalefour Crewe on the 3rd/4th June and Scaleforum 23rd/24th September, maybe for the last time?

With the changes to the exhibition calendar brought about the moving of the more northerly of the two Scalefour Society exhibitions to the first weekend in June I will unfortunately not be attending Railex. It’s just not possible for me to do two exhibitions in two weekends, especially as they bookend my daughter’s school half term!

Happy Modelling for 2023,