7mm Scale Anchor Mount Tank Wagons

Earlier this year I was asked to produce my anchor mount tank wagon underframes in 7mm scale. Drawing work on these are now complete. In addition I have completed drawing work on etched body parts to go with the underframes for both 7’3” and 6’7” diameter tank wagons. The kits are principally for fuel oil tanks though the underframes could … Read More

New Items for September 2018

Another a new set of releases from Rumney Models to report on. The ‘headline act’ this time round is a pair of kits for RCH 1927 tank wagon underframes. They are available with either 10’ (B.75) or 9’ (B.76) wheelbase and are £14 each. These are suitable for tank wagons built from around 1927 until the last of the Air … Read More

New Items for April 2018

Spring is in the air and Scalefour North just around the corner which means a new set of releases from Rumney Models. A couple of eagerly awaited commission projects reach fruition and are released. Firstly there is a loco chassis for the MR/LMS/BR 1P 0-4-4T (X.04 – £38). This is a modern chassis designed to go under the craftsman body. … Read More

New Year’s Update

Happy New Year to all, I hope everyone had a good festive season and managed to get a little modelling done. With the New Year usually comes a reflective look at the past year and this is no different with Rumney Models. A couple of years ago when there were some rather unjustified comments being made about the price of … Read More

New Items for September

With Autumn just around the corner it means a new set of releases from Rumney Models. The ‘headline act’ this time is an underframe kit for the BR unfitted Grampus (B.34 – £15). This includes replacement baskets and door spring and step detailing for the body. For those who don’t want to go to the extent of building a complete … Read More

New items for July and change of address

A quick interim update from Rumney Models before the next major set of releases in September. Firstly a couple of new items in the form of Express Dairy milk tank plates in both 4mm and 7mm scales. These include both the company plate and the distinctive round number plate that was attached to the baulks at the tank ends. The … Read More

New Items for March

With Scalefour North looming large Rumney Models is pleased to announce another round of new releases. Below is a round up of the new items. As per usual instructions for certain items are currently being prepared. One day I’ll have them all done before release time comes around but not this year. So to the exciting stuff… First up are … Read More

Happy New Year!

A belated happy new year to all from Rumney Models! 2017 will bring a host of exciting new items including more wagon axlebox and spring castings, plate freight bogie kits and anchor mount tank wagon underframes and detailing to suit the recntly released Bachmann model. Rumney Models will be out and about at the following events over the coming months … Read More

Early arrival in Bristol

On 7th October Theadora Persephone Gaby Russell-Newitt entered the world some 11 weeks and 2 days prematurely. Despite this early arrival and her lack of size she is doing great as is her mother. Thea’s unexpected arrival has obviously been a bit of a shock and we are doing everything we can to support her while she is in hospital. Rumney Models is … Read More

New Items for September

  Rumney Models is delighted to announce a bumper crop of new releases! First up is exciting news about a new range of whitemetal wagon axlebox and spring castings for BR era prototypes. They have been produced from the highest quality masters printed for me by Alan Butler at Modelu. The first wave of releases contains 6 different types of … Read More