Steam Locomotive Chassis

The chassis is designed to provide a modern etched sprung chassis for the Alan Gibson kit and features built in CSB suspension along with brakegear, cosmetic driving wheel springs, ashpan detailing, guard irons and balance weights. For simplicity pony trucks that make use of the CSB suspension are provided rather than the proper radial trucks of the prototype. It is designed for P4 but can be built in EM with just a little extra work. The F4/5/6 chassis has a very long wheelbase but due to the way the chassis is set up the minimun radius the chassis can traverse without modification is 1m. High Level hornblocks along with wire and 11/32″ tube for the air cylinder are required to complete.

Chassis X.01
Alan Gibson body kit and chassis X.01. Model built by Marcus Burrows.

Coming soon

LMS 1P 0-4-4T